Happy, Healthy Aging ~ Develop Tools to Follow Through with Your Healthy Road Map

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Healthy, Happy Aging is MORE than just an Action Oriented, Educational Program that Will Change your life.

Healthy, Happy Aging is a complete health program that begins with healthy lifestyle motivational techniques, continues on to walk you through a very personalized Healthy Happy Agingcleansing program, and all along the way, teaches you how to maintain your success.

Not only do I teach you how to begin a more healthy lifestyle, I also teach you



STOP wasting them on flashy fads!
Clarity in direction.

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Hello Friend,

First off, I want to congratulate you for having the courage to take charge of your health and well~being. It takes a special kind of person to stand up and say “my health isn't where I would like it to be, and I deserve better.” Gone are the days - illusions - of believing there must be a  MAGIC PILL. Sorry, it will never happen.

However, there is good news: You have the power to do so much more than just be OK.


You deserve to live a VIBRANT LIFE, while AGING with GRACE.

In order to lead a "Healthy, Happy Aging" journey, careful attention needs to be placed on nutrients that harm and those that heal, as well as engaging in a regular exercise regime. 


Before we begin, I’d like to share with you a little about myself, as well as the reason why I created this program.

I was raised in a family that did not have the nutritional skills, or money, required to live a healthy lifestyle. Snickers, potato chips and a soda were common place meals for me. In the early 80s when I joined the Military, those same unhealthy habits came with me and many more. In 2000, I leapt into the health industry in hopes of growing healthier. Yet it took almost 10 years of fumbling around and making many mistakes before my life would drastically change for the better. But it started with something worse:

I had a growth near my lymph nodes. I was then on a one way mission to learn ALL I could around Food as Medicine. In my mind, I was going to heal myself. It was then that I began on an endless journey to devour all of the information in hundreds of PubMed Journals and the like; I read dozens and dozens of books by reputable authors, and did quite a bit of experimenting on myself. I also participated in formal Ayurveda training at The California College of Ayurveda… You can visit me here if you would like to learn more.


Jumping ahead ~

I encountered many clients who have experienced frustration around healthy lifestyles or issues with other types of cravings before they came to me. What’s more, many of these very same clients expressed low moods; achy joints; fatigue; headaches; skin outbreaks and digestive distress – though not all. They ate relatively well, exercised religiously and they led relatively satisfying lives. So I thought, how about we just put an end to all that lifestyle decision making chaos by using a sensible approach that works for their lives, not the other way around?       


PeaceAt that same time of researching how to assist my clients in Holistic Health for the Mind, Body and Soul, I was also doing extensive research on “Food & Environment as Medicine” for suspected cancer in my lymph nodes. Strangely, the more research I did, the more I realized that the results from these two research areas were one and the same. 


In this program, I share with you what I have learned and have experience over the years of being on and off the “healthy lifestyle journey”. I am sharing the progress of my experience with you so that your life will no longer be bogged down by low energy, or the physical impact and emotional distress that come with ill health. 


This eight-week program is your step-by-step guide to train your brain for healthy success so that you may live the complete life that you deserve.
It is my recommendation that you attend the "Streams of Radiant Sunshine Detox" prior to this program, though not required.

What Makes This Program Unique?

With this program we strive towards Permanent and Enjoyable lifestyle modifications, NOT just a one time fad that will be gone with the wind next year.

There are plenty of books you can read and seminars you can attend that simply give you more information. But lets go back to the image of already having all the information - the map - and still being lost.  

So, after all that time going around and around in circles looking for the right way, heres the question you get: “Where do you want to go?”

Without knowing the answer to that question, the advice you’re given might take you in a completely wrong direction.



What makes this program unique is: You will be given the tools that will guide you for a lifetime.


The Compass: Getting clarity on where you are going from
a compassionate source.


Information alone is rarely sufficient  to meaningfully alter unwanted behaviors and habits.  Information about why to change a behavior may be necessary to motivate change, but practice and support for new behaviors are needed to create enduring health-related habits.

Learning "how" to change a behavior is of much greater value than learning "why" a behavior should be changed. I offer more than a lecture about why you should change and what behaviors you should adopt.  I help you take positive steps to discover what works for you and to make these new behaviors an ongoing part of your life. I show you how to initiate ACTION, learn from mistakes and refine healthful behavior.

A support system is extremely important for maintaining changes. I will show you how to support yourself, recruit family, friends and health professionals who can encourage, remind or participate in what you seek to change. I will also show you how to recognize when family or friends unwittingly sabotage your efforts to institute and maintain change.

You will learn to defer immediate gratification. I will explain why your brain is biased toward seeking short- term pleasure at the expense of long-term health.  I go into detail to describe how the part of the brain that drives automatic behavior to get immediate rewards--the limbic system--facilitates the ability to delay gratification.

Make healthful habits automatic through practice and reinforcement. A habit requires little conscious effort whereas a conscious behavior requires short-term memory and initiating or reminding events. I will show you how to convert healthful conscious behaviors into habits, this time focusing on the part of the brain that learns and retains new habits even if your short term memory does not cooperate as well as you would like.



In this transformational program, you will learn how to:

Motivate yourself continually.

Soothe yourself when you feel overwhelmed, hopeless or unable to keep going.

Understand the natural ups and downs of a healthy lifestyle.

Cope with hunger, cravings, stress and strong negative emotions without turning to food… for comfort.

Embrace the difficult emotions that you will be faced with once you have stopped drowning them with unwanted behaviors/substances.

Encourage yourself to exercise, even if you are not naturally inclined to do so.

Live with an open Heart! The fear of living within a life of overwhelming cravings does not allow us to live with an open loving heart.

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You will be guided through



Doing things we are not necessarily comfortable doing is a critical component to growth.

Key thoughts:

1.   Being bored is NOT a good enough reason to stop your healthy lifestyle habits.

2.   Being confused is normal and natural with learning ~ it is OK.

3.   Feeling frustrated is only temporary and is a sign of growth.



75-85% of the population will fail without that
simple understanding.


“Keep Going” strategies to begin with:  

1.      Recognize your motivations for achieving your goal

2.      Stop thinking about the process of getting there, and just do it. If you have a task to perform, write it down on your calendar or in your day runner and do NOT allow yourself to internally dialog about when, where, and how  to do it. Just do it. It you have a menu plan, just eat it...don’t agonize over it.

3.      Start and commit only to a short time of your new direction of choice.

4.      Allow yourself a healthy eating lifestyle every OTHER day. 

5.      Assess at the end of the month.  

6.      Increase the challenge to two days on and one day off if you feel your month has been a success.  Be compassionate with yourself if you did not reach your goal YET, and give yourself another one-month round. Remember: This is NOT a race. It’s a lifestyle ~ you have time to get it the way you want. 

7.      Devise a way to self-monitor and observe yourself.

8.      Do NOT blame or rationalize your moments of weakness! Just move on.





To Be Announced


Program description:

Healthy, Happy Aging ~ will move you from the unhealthy habits & cravings state, and into expansive wholeness and health.  This program becomes increasingly self-directed as it moves from working with the ‘challenged state’ through the process of growth at mind, body and spiritual levels.

1.   An Introduction to How Our Real Selves Emerge. This section will teach you how to impliment your own personalized motivational techuiques for lasting success. ($108 value)

Ø  Learning the Why’s and How’s to making our new healthy lifestyle habits permanent and enjoyable 

o   The foundation of this section utilizes the concepts of personality typing from the Enneagram.

2.   You will be guided through (8) meditations. (Complementary)

3.   Explore Holistic Weight Management ~ Home Study Segment. ($54 value)

4.   “Detox Fundamentals” Report: Understanding what the hype is all about. ($39 value)

5.   Receive a comprehensive set of handouts so that you will be armed with the tools and information you need to take action right away, and can be used for future reference. ($39 value)

6.    Step by Step Guidance: You will learn how to develop a personalized cleanse / detox protocol just for you, and only you. This portion of your journey will begin by learning about your Ayurvedic Constitution. ($162 value)

Ø  For the preparation phase, your main goal is to cultivate awareness and mindfulness. Practice reading labels and identifying all the sources of added wheat/gluten and sugar in your diet. This is a great way to get into the habit of reading nutrition labels.

You will also start increasing your consumption of wholesome foods. By adding in healthful choices, you will naturally crowd out processed and packaged foods, which most often are our main sources of added toxins.

Make sure you pay attention to the beverages you consume as well, and if possible, substitute sugary beverages with water and herbal tea. One word of caution, artificial sweeteners do more harm than good, so you want to avoid diet drinks as well.

***You are STRONGLY encouraged to join this program with a "health buddy - friend". Your health buddy can join with you at 1/2 price.

Optional Monthly Meet~up


Meeting format:


Symptom             Source                 Solution


1.      Symptom: What are you experiencing during the time of your unwanted behavior?

Example: “I must eat sugar cookies to avoid:

a.      Hunger

b.      Starvation

c.       Death

d.      Pain”

*Work the answer down until you have no more ideas.

2.      Source: Which part of your ego [horse] has control over you?

Example: "The illusion that I am being protected from pain".


3.      Solution: Which horse will you Escape Into Reality with?

Example: "The truth that Food is Medicine".
Motivation / How: "Bring one – less fortunate – person with me. More specifically: Teach by example".

                                                              * Get as specific as you can.


To Be Announced

Total Cost: $564 Onsite Purchase


PURCHASE Online Sale Price: $249.


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Bhagavati Harris ~ Health & Wellness Coach,  Nutritional Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Educator, Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Certified Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Personal Trainer.

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