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Seven Streams to Wellness
Seven Streams to Wellness


When we are overwhelmed with constant health challenges, there is no time to enjoy an impassioned and vibrant life.


Gain & Maintain Optimal Wellness
for Prolonged Lifestyle Freedom.


I was born with a very challenged genetic makeup, and raised on snickers and soda. That was enough to take me down a long dark rabbit hole of health challenges. If I can overcome an almost bedridden life with little hope, so can you.

For those of you who are pretty healthy already, you also will learn how to design your food based, personalized health plan for prolonged lifestyle freedom.

Here, you will experience dynamic wisdom resources in ONE location, properly sequenced and distributed to effectively guide you towards the outcome of prolonged lifestyle freedom.

I understand that you want to be able to focus on the prime moments of your life and not be tied down with all the hard work of learning how to get there.

It is important, therefore, that I weed out all of the superfluous information, and gather all of the valuable requirements for your personalized wellness needs so that you may get right to the fruit of your actions.

My Educational and Coaching Services are derived from my passion to help set you up for success.

That is what I do. That is my promise to you.



To get an idea of the path we will be traveling together, please


Seven Streams Services


Our healing and thriving journey will begin with the First Stream and will continue through to the Seventh Stream.


Stream 1: The stream of being & becoming ~ In this stream we will assess & address all states of your metabolic makeup.

Stream 2: The stream of transforming the tattered into treasures ~ This stream focuses on healing your gut.

Stream 3: The stream of moving mountains ~ Accepting ownership of your life as it now is, as you grow into your more vibrant self.

Stream 4: The stream of inspiration sensation ~ Cellular inspiration sensation is the phase where we begin to really hone in on regenerating all the cells within your body.

Stream 5: The stream of motivation making ~ We can initially stay on the path of healthful rejuvenation with pure will power. However, shortly after, we must develop strong motivation techniques to KEEP us on that road.

Stream 6: The stream of you ~ Cracking your genetic code, and what to do with that information.

Stream 7: The stream of curious chemicals ~ Regenerate your metabolic hormones.


It is my passion to give you dynamic tools to defend yourself against becoming one of the statistics:

  1. WHO - Cancer is projected to increase by 50% by 2020.
  2. CDC - Death rate by Alzheimer's has risen by 55% over a 15 year period.
  3. CDC - Autism has more than doubled from 2000 to 2012.




Teach you how to unleash your own guardians of health from within. Together we will:

1.       Change your life by introducing you to the most powerful ways of improving your health.

2.      Get you committed to really following a healthy lifestyle of constant achievements.

3.      Aid you in more clearly experiencing your full health potential.


You will then gain:

1) Increased energy for the important things in life.

2) A body to be proud of.

3) Steady and predictable emotions.

4) Clear, sharp focus.

5) Success, prosperity, and making a difference.

6) Avoidance/reversal of chronic illness


Remember when you felt vibrant health and a joyful mood?

You will feel that again.


Every day you make many decisions that affect the way you feel.

You know that when you feel miserable, suffer from disease or notice your thinking and mood are not what they used to be, this affects all your relationships and your own enjoyment of life.


Your children and grandchildren, friends and coworkers want a healthy, vibrant you full of fun and spirit. Do you remember this you? 


The longer you wait the more effort it will take to regain. Our environment, processed foods and increased stress from the everyday living issues all challenge our health today more than ever.

If we take measures to maintain and restore our own health, underlying chronic conditions typically heal. In fact, they have been shown to REVERSE.

  The body is designed to repair itself, if only we stop adding insults and get out of the way.


If You Think Your Mind & Body’s
Vibrant Energy is Declining Too Fast


Your monthly service will include two - 30 minute "One to One" sessions per month


Independant study with One module of "Seven Streams" - listed below.


"ONE TO ONE" Program Details:


MONTH 1: Jumpstart ~ What you will discover: Disease & health begins in the gut. That is where our journey will begin.

Even the best of foods and their proportions can be toxic to you. Choosing which macro nutrients that are best for your genetic makeup, as well as the correct proportions may mean the difference between falling to disease, or NOT.

And if you do stumble to disease, will you have the tools to bounce back?

In this presentation, you will gain the foundational understanding of macro nutrient choices and the basics of blood sugar control.


Lesson 1: Jumpstart into Course ~ Laying the foundations for all our work together.


Progress Challenge


Stream 1~ Being & Becoming:  
Beginning Your Metabolic Makeover for Prolonged Lifestyle Freedom.


What this means for you?

  1. You will develop a deep awareness of how & where disease may be lurking in your body without you even knowing it.
  2. Put a strategic ACTION plan into place.


Is Your Blood Pure? As master of your life: You wouldn't run your car on worn out oil. Why then would you run your body & brain on dirty blood? I know, you wouldn't.




What benefits will you achieve with this course? Increased energy for the important things. A body to be proud of. Steady and predictable emotions. Clear, sharp focus. Success, prosperity, and making a difference. Avoidance/reversal of chronic illness.


Lesson 1: Assess & Address

Lesson 2: Digestive Mastery

Lesson 3: Blood Glucose Levels

Lesson 4: pH Levels


Progress Challenge


Stream 2. Transforming the Tattered into Treasures:
A-30 Day General Cleanse.


What does this mean for you?

1.       In this 30-day cleanse, you will achieve the ability to create your personalized food planning menu.

2.      You will transform your entire mind and bodies' being.


Lesson 1: Design your personalized cleanse protocol.

Lesson 2: Reintroducing foods safely.

Lesson 3: Maintain your master plan.


Progress Challenge



Stream 3. Moving Mountains:
Design Your Motivational Methods and Take Ownership of the Results.


What does this mean for you?


Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:


Progress Challenge



Stream 4.  Inspiration Sensation:
Cellular Inspiration for Your Mighty Mitochondria.


What does this mean for you?


Lesson 1: Understanding your life source.

Lesson 2: Diving deeper into your disease defense program.

Lesson 3: Developing a conscious relationship with your “Mighty Mitos” & your Microbiome.


Progress Challenge


Stream 5. Motivation Making:
Design Your Personalized Motivation Blueprint.


What does that mean for you?


Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:


Progress Challenge



Stream 6. The Stream of You:
Crack Your Genetic Code


What does that mean for you?


Lesson 1: Introduction to you.

Lesson 2: Methylation

Lesson 3: Feed Your Genes


Progress Challenge



Stream 7. Curious Chemicals:
Mastering Your Metabolic Hormones.


What does that mean for you?


Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:


Progress Challenge




When we free ourselves of physical suffering,
we open ourselves to Divine Love.


Services Provided: Advanced and Scientifically Backed Educational Services.

Health & Wellness Coaching & Consulting

Chronic Disease Management Education

Detoxing Education



My name is Bhagavati. I am the founder of
Seven Streams to Wellness.

I am one of the leading experts in
Optimized Health Education.



So few professional begin at the absolute source of health and illness. That is where I differ from the norm. I follow the school of thought that dictates:

All health and illness begins at a cellular and genetic level – that is the foundation of my business. I teach individuals and groups of people how to become co-creators of their maximum health potential, between themselves ~ their Doctor, and their Higher Power.


My Clients Awaken Their Inner Healer.

The interactive and informative tools that I have to offer will relieve people’s fear of uncertainty as well as the sense of helplessness that saturates ill health.


Life changing results occur as a result of peoples’
focused learning experience with me.

Enjoy Life

Most people simply don’t’ have the time, desire or energy to familiarize themselves with the VAST amount of timely wellness information out there. Nor do they have the oomph to become a specialty Doctor – which would not help them with the wide array of body functions required to grow into optimal health anyways. 



My passion ~CELLULAR FOOD PLANNING STRATIGIES FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH ~ drives me towards a lifetime of scouring hundreds of PubMed, peer reviewed journals, researching the work of reputable authors and speakers for the latest scientific discoveries, as well as trusting the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda. My passion for deep healthful learning is your advantage.

I then synthesize this information and offer my clients the bite size chunks that are relevant specifically to their uniqueness, in the sequence that is relevant only to their unique needs.




One more thing: When we are free from the worry of pain and illness, we gain the gift of enjoying life’s pleasure more fully.



You will dive into enhanced self-awareness techniques while learning how to perfect your healing process for optimial longevity and quality of life. Total health and fitness, nutritional awareness, nutri~genomics education, weight management, as well as addictions management can be made to be fulfiling and exciting components of your life.

Side effects of engaging in my services may include--but are not limited to


  1. Enhanced quality of life ~ even if your life is already comfortable
  2. Disease prevention
  3. Mental clarity
  4. Weight loss 
  5. Overall wellbeing that comes from self compassion


These transformative, self-awareness techniques that I will be sharing with you will introduce you to the process of confronting and nudging limits, blocks and conditionings to which your body and mind are so accustomed -  and to do so without self-criticism or judgment. 

You will learn to self-support and grow comfortable doing something you may not feel like doing, which ultimately allows the way for life altering renewal.

In essence, you will be provided with the tools necessary to gently and firmly remove the obstacles that stand in the way of you and your most luscious life, and you will learn how to do all of that with the love and conviction of--and for--your authentic self. 

Bhagavati Harris ~ Health & Wellness Coach,  Nutritional Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Educator, Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Certified Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Personal Trainer. 

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