Streams ~ Phase 1 - 9

Seven Streams to Wellness
Success Begins With a
Strong Foundation

Becoming aware of what is going on within our selves is a critical component to our spiritual growth.  Without it, we will NOT grow beyond our self~perceived limitations and suffering.  

When beginning the task of self-discovery, it may be difficult to “stay the course” and not drift off into other distractions.  Therefore, in an attempt to bring liveliness into an otherwise ordinary "how to" story, I use the analogy of horse training to share my continual experiences used for self-transformation. 


 The Individual Workshops

Ø Phase 1: Visionary  ~ Developing an evolutionary focus (7) 

When this horse functions towards her higher stream of consciousness she is able to delve into the depths of life, steadily creating rich experiences for herself and others.  The gratitude list is a tool in which she lives by.  She will reach down into her inner strengths to become the master of her being.

When this gal begins to walk through her lower streams in stress, she will become very fragmented in all of her endeavors, just dabbling on the surface of all experiences.  She may be a bit overly attached to her happiness, beginning to hoard it at any expense, as well as becoming impractically optimistic.

When at a low level stream she will not stop at anything to grab her happiness.  Her consumption in items, substances and experiences grows ravenous.

Primary nutrient:  GRATITUDE ~ To assist this horse’s journey towards her highest streams, a horse trainer is imperative.

  Ø Phase 2: Interconnectedness

Breaking down the walls of isolation (5)


This shy horse builds walls around herself and isolates from the world when under stress. She expresses a bit of an aloof persona, not because she is (necessarily) arrogant and does not like other horses, but because she feels as though other horse’s energy, feelings and emotions overwhelm every part of  her being.

While alone, she has one primary mission in life: Learn as much as possible, no matter what.  The primary motive behind appearing smarter than anyone else is to cover up the illusion that she is defective and unlovable.  As you train this horse, she will learn to tear down the stable walls that have been used as a barrier between her and the world.  She will then take all that she has learned and bring it out into the world as a service, sometimes as God’s servant.

 Primary nutrient:   SHARED COMPASSION AND CLARITY.  A horse trainer is imperative.


Ø Phase 3: Freedom  ~ Releasing vengeance (8)

Ø Phase 4: Acceptance and Meditation ~ Surrendering to divine will (2)

Ø Phase 5: Awareness ~ The blessing to see through illusions (4)

Ø Phase 6:  Wholeness ~  God does not make mistakes (1)

Ø Phase 7: Authentic Motivator ~ The decision and the ability to move beyond intention (3)

Ø Phase 8: Integrated Strength ~ The courage to have faith (6)

Ø Phase 9: Holy Love  ~ Loving unconditionally (9)

()  Parentheses are personality types derived from the enneagram


Bhagavati Harris ~ Health & Wellness Coach,  Nutritional Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Educator, Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Certified Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Personal Trainer.





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