Streams of Radiance Detox

Hello Friend,

Do you recognize any of the following red flags that indicate your body is having a difficult time eliminating toxins?

Are you experiencing

  1. Persistent fatigue
  2. Achy joints
  3. Foggy thinking & Mood challenges
  4. Digestive problems
  5. Skin eruptions (acne, rashes, or eczema)
  6. Stubborn weight gain
  7. Hormone or blood sugar imbalance
  8. Depression?
If any of these symptoms resonate with you, your body is sending out distress signals and is suffering from toxic burden. This is the first step to developing a diseased state.

But the good news is you don’t have to feel like this, and you CAN participate in your HEALTHY state. Our bodies have built-in cleaning mechanisms or “detoxification pathways,” the routes by which toxins leave our bodies.  These pathways need to be reactivated in a way that resets your body for deep and lasting transformation.

As we age, especially those of us with genetic challenges, our bodies become less efficient at releasing the poisons from our food, air and environment, without our direct assistance. Meaning: Even if we follow good lifestyle routines, we will need to take an active stance to eliminate toxins from our bodies through conscious detoxing procedures.

However, this is hard work and is very difficult – if not impossible - to succeed alone. That’s where I come in:

  • Within the "Streams to Radiant Sunshine Detox" we will walk together through a step by step cleansing program within our own online village.
  • You will receive a daily support, motivational and educational system sent to directly to your email.
  • You will have direct access to me with questions, comments and concerns that may arise, in person as well as 24/7, via email.
  • We will get together for 6 sessions spread out over a six week period. 
  • You will learn, AND DO a detox together with a community. In this way, you will be able to incorporate the foundation of your new and vibrant lifestyle.


Anyone can learn what to eliminate and what to replace it with. That’s what separates me from the other health coaches: I use the skills and experience from my Ayurveda Lifestyle education, Enneagram Personality Typing, Cravings Management & Motivations - and so much more - while utilizing “Emotional Freedom Techniques” in the background of our work together.

Contact me for a FREE 15 minutes private consultation.

*Free Private 15 Minute Consultation.

As you will discover in our work together:
Our journey is INDIVIDUAL and UNIQUE.


Identify your goals and evaluate your current health habits. During this week, keep a journal and record everything you eat and drink. Notice where you are making good choices and where you could improve your nutritional choices.

Do a full sweep of your kitchen and throw out your processed, sugary foods. Read labels and get rid of all foods with more than three ingredients and any ingredients that are foreign to you. These ingredients are likely dangerous additives and preservatives. Instead, stock your kitchen with real, whole foods and healthy staples.


Ø  For the preparation phase, your main goal is to cultivate awareness and mindfulness. Practice reading labels and identifying all the sources of added wheat/gluten and sugar in your diet. This is a great way to get into the habit of reading nutrition labels.

You will also start increasing your consumption of wholesome foods. By adding in healthful choices, you will naturally crowd out processed and packaged foods, which most often are our main sources of added toxins.

Make sure you pay attention to the beverages you consume as well, and if possible, substitute sugary beverages with water and herbal tea. One word of caution, artificial sweeteners do more harm than good, so you want to avoid diet drinks as well.

Ø  PHASE 1, avoid all forms of gluten, sugar – and no artificial sweeteners either. You may choose to use natural sweeteners very sparingly if you have to and you can also sweeten your food using stevia, raw honey or maple syrup in very small amount. The first couple of days may be a little tough, but you should be free of your sugar dependency by the middle of this phase.

For even greater detox effect, you can remove all processed and packaged foods, as well as all caffeinated and alcoholic beverages from your diet during this phase. Some people reap even more benefits from going meat-free and casein-free: the body uses a lot of energy to digest and assimilate meat, so taking it out will leave your body more energy to process and remove stored toxins. Some people have a low-grade allergic reaction to gluten, which casein seems to mimic – they may get occasional digestive issues, headache or even mood swings – and removing casein from the diet and then adding it back in is the best way to find out if you have the intolerance. Please see your “DETOX GUIDE” for details.


Ø  Phase 2 ~ Re inoculate & Re-introduce specific foods: This is the phase in which we can introduce probiotics and digestive enzymes. Re-inoculation involves the use of probiotic supplements containing lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacteria, and other friendly flora. These bacteria manufacture vitamins, repel harmful microbes, and have anti-tumor effects. These bacteria even assist our thyroid function. They are easily disrupted by use of antibiotics, environmental insults and the stress of contemporary living. 

Ø  Phase 3 ~ Replace / Reintroduction continued

Ø  Phase 4 ~ Repair: This is the beginning of a Healthy New Lifestyle. Repair refers to the nutritional and environmental support that will continue to regenerate and heal your Mind, Body and Soul for the rest of your life. Please see “DETOX GUIDE” for more details.

I’m looking forward to helping you feel your personal best.


Bhagavati Harris ~ Health & Wellness Coach,  Nutritional Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Educator, Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Certified Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Personal Trainer.

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