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When We Free Ourselves of Physical Suffering,

We Open Ourselves to Divine Love.




If you think you are aging too quickly ~ You are! 

If you believe your energy has been ZAPPED ~ It has!

If you are concerned about that "family disease" ~ You need to be proactive!


Your time is limited, and often not even yours. It all feels like a bit too much, even though you know that you are not getting any younger. Time & health seems to be slipping away in the wind.



Please give yourself the gift of health and hear me out:


I have put all of the pieces together for you in my coaching, step by step system that will transform the "premature aging" you, into a Vibrant Healthy You. We can work "one on one" or in small groups.

This ground breaking system is Called:


Seven Streams to Wellness


Ill health is not just a problem of not enough information! There is probably too much information exploding in your head.

Nor is it just a problem of not enough choices, you are blessed in that department.


Ill health is when you don't have the right tools to take care of YOU!


Allow me to place the "Self-Care" road map right in front of you, guiding you one step at a time.


Here is how my "SMART" road map guide works


Every day you have many choices that affect the way you feel. Have you ever made promises to yourself saying “tomorrow I will….." and then the next evening come up with tons of reasons as to why you don't really want to do it? 


You have the power to take control of your life right now, and it simply starts with a little wisdom put into a STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT.


The organisms in your gut can be ONE of the many obstacles affecting your ability to keep healthy lifestyle promises to yourself. If your gut has sugar loving microbes (bugs) they will highjack your thinking and convince you (unannounced to the conscious part of your brain) that you will die without that warm toasty Italian bread.

So before you know it, the hoagie is in your hands. Not that an occasional hoagie is bad, but you want to make - eating it - a CONSCIOUS choice, not have the hoagie half eaten before thinking: Hmmmmm!#$%^*


Yes, the gut affects the brain directly through the vagus nerve and other pathways.


“What?” you say. "I have not heard of these ideas". The latest research shows that your gut health affects all of your body.

  • Tummy Aches
  • Excess Belly Fat
  • Overwhelming Sadness
  • Foggy Brain
  • Frustration
  • Lack of Energy
  • Grumpiness
  • Premature Aging

You may think, “Oh, my mother had these same problems,” and accept how you feel.

No, please do not do that.

You can and will feel better. You may accept disease and heredity as a given. It is not. There are ways to feel better, and possibly without medication.



You know that, when you feel miserable and suffer from chronic illness or notice your thinking and mood are not what they used to be, this affects all your relationships and your own enjoyment of life.




Your children and grandchildren, friends and coworkers want a healthy, vibrant you full of fun and spirit. Do you remember this you?



Let's renew your HOPE together!


The longer you wait the more effort it will take to regain. Our environment, processed foods and increased stress from wage and cost of living issues all challenge our health today more than ever.

You will have clarity of self~control to make educated healthy choices. You will become more balanced and loving. You will change your habits and your mind will become stronger.



It all simply starts with a little bit of wisdom placed in a step by step program.


I teach health conscious individuals to gain & maintain radiant health, all primarily through







There are also additional key health principles that you will gain within my step by step blueprint to prolonged optimal wellness.

The educational programs and personal coaching services that I offer are health insurance against the problems “your mother had.”


No medications are prescribed here. You treat yourself with the knowledge of how to use energy psychology and food as medicine. 



Remember when you felt
vibrant health and a joyful mood? 



Let's work together and regain that hope.






My Philosophy: Nutrition and energy psychology plays a central role in the outcome of our lives.

Eating is a ritual that not only nourishes the body, but nourishes the mind and soul as well. It is said that 90% of all disease comes from the wrong diet and eating rituals. Ancient wisdom and peer reviewed scientific journals provide clear evidence that the gut is the starting point of most all diseases.

How we DIGEST the food is of primary concern.

Taking in the correct elements for our unique individual needs will provide the building blocks to nourish and replenish our body and mind. We must focus on the elements that are present within the foods we eat as either poisons or blessings. Even the proverbial "healthy" foods may be disagreeing with your genes.

Is your food balancing or unbalancing to your mind and body?



Allow me to guide you towards gaining and maintaining optimal wellness.


Bhagavati Harris





Bhagavati Harris ~Health & Wellness Coach,  Nutritional Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Educator, Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Certified Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Personal Trainer.




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