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I was very impressed by the entire presentation and wanted to learn as much as possible. Life-Changing.

Olivia Barbero

The Body as a Temple workshop was a transformative and inspiring experience.  Bhagavati generously presented complex yogic and Ayurvedic concepts and information on essential nutrition in an accessible manner with ease and compassion.  The exploration of the connections between food, the physical body, spirituality, and Earth was an eye-opening call-for-personal evolution and an inspiring call-to-action. Bhavavati’s understanding of, and passion for, disseminating the healing wisdom offered in the Body as a Temple workshop is obvious, as is her deep belief in the restorative applications of Yoga and Ayurveda.  She is a living embodiment of the teachings presented.      

Keith Metzger


"Amazing woman! Her yoga classes are personal and quietly challenging, without being so intense that it takes away from the experience. She is wonderful as is her calm and serene personality. She encourages your personal exploration...never a contest with others." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.                                                Karen Ferguson  ~ Physician at Karen L Ferguson, MDPA.


As a nurse and Doctor of Chiropractic I was very impressed with the class I took with “B” at the Spine & Sport.  Her professionalism, expertise and dedication to each participant was a rare experience in health fitness. 

The 10 Week program saw each participant lose inches, lose weight, gain energy and have a realistic idea of how to continue on a healthy lifestyle. I personally recommend anyone interested in making realistic positive changes to seek out this program.   

Dr. Sandy Leary


Bhagavati Harris and I have worked together for over two years.  In that time I have witnessed Bhagavati teach a wide range of clientele, from the young and fit to the elderly and frail.  She blends her yoga background with personal training; the results being quite dynamic. Her clients gain strength, confidence and body awareness.  They learn that they need to execute exercises with precision and not just go through the motion.  Clients learn that quality of movement is the key to making gains, and I have observed Bhagavati explain this and seen the outstanding results. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, hold two Pilates certifications and have been a teacher my entire life.  I write this to assure you that I am well informed in the areas of exercise and teaching.   If you add Bhagavati Harris to your staff you will be very happy that you did.  She has excellent teaching skills and good client retention.  She will benefit your establishment.           

Gini Ferro, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance


      Ya know you watch these commercials about having a personal trainer as you sit on the couch with Doritos, and several points come to mind:

1. You surely can't afford it.

2. There is no time for that even though you find time to watch Survivor!

3. are secretly sure you'd die if you actually exercised. 

So, at 49...a former cheerleader finds herself wanting to be who she still is underneath the layer of latte and life.  Meeting Bhagavati was scary. Fit and with an initial air of boot camp swirling about her...I mentally had planned that I would give her a month of twice a see what she could do!

Well, it's over a year later. Wanna know what happened? She turned out to be the most...adept multi-sensory teacher I had ever encountered. Bhagavati had written plans for me and her workouts were varied and targeted my trouble spots. She counsels  you on nutrition as well as fitness.

The irony here is, she made me love fitness! Yes, love. Her vast knowledge sparked a flame inside of me. A few months ago I passed the personal trainers certification test. Yup, and my goal is to be just like B, inspiring life changes!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I can fit in a skirt from college???? Body by Bhagavati. Start your best life today.

Karen HammlerInternal and Bariatric Medicine.
with Dr. Deepti Sadhwani, M.D. - double Board Certified in
See Bhagavati in action while previously working

Diet, exercise …who wants it! I had tried many times before to lose weight and get healthy by dieting and exercising, to no avail. I would join gyms and work out, but nothing would change. I could not do more reps, gain more strength, or add more weights to my workout. My measurements did not change, and my weight did not decrease. Friends would talk about working out and how much better they felt when the endorphins kicked in. I had never felt an endorphin kick in my whole life! I always felt wiped out after exercising. As far as dieting, that did not work for me either. I often felt deprived or starving or overwhelmed with counting calories and reading labels. Over the years I gradually gained more and more weight and became more and more out of shape and unhealthy with resulting high blood pressure. After many years of failure with dieting and exercise, I meet B and my life changed for the better!

B is a phenomenal teacher. She took an old lady like me, who was uncoordinated, overweight, unhealthy, and not athletic through a process that changed my life. It was the story of the ugly duckling turned into a graceful swan. Because I was uncoordinated, I did not want to work out in front of anyone. B revamped her schedule so that I was the last appointment of the day, and no one else was in the gym at the time of my workout. She would break down an exercise that was very complicated into manageable steps for me and then keep working with me until I could do the complicated series of steps. She also, gave me nutritional advice about my diet, which changed my taste buds and cravings. I stopped craving the bad foods and starting enjoying the healthy foods.

B was so positive in her encouragement of my exercise plan and my change in eating habits. She essentially became inspirational in changing my life as I lost weight and became stronger both physically and emotionally. I was able to get off all my blood pressure medications, and I started looking forward to working out. I finally felt an endorphin effect from working out!

Without B’s knowledge of physical fitness, nutritional expertise, and gentle encouraging spirit I would not have been able to accomplish all of the great personal achievements that I have mentioned. In my humble opinion, B is the Best!              

Bobby Donnelson


Bhagavati helped me make positive changes to improve the quality of my life. I am a 35-year-old professional nurse. Before I began her program, I was overweight, eating all the wrong foods, and struggling with decreasing energy levels. Bhagavati’s program taught me innovative workout routines designed to burn calories, target fat pockets, and tone muscle. The workouts challenged me mentally and physically and taught me that I am capable of more than I ever imagined.

 Throughout the program, Bhagavati provided me with dietary suggestions, recipes, and educational information that helped me build a foundation to change my eating habits. I learned how to cook and eat nutritious foods and create a satisfying menu plan. This program gave me the results I wanted. In less than 10 weeks, I lost 12 pounds,

3 inches off my hips, and went from 31% body fat to 24% body fat. I have more energy, and I feel better. I highly recommend Bhagavati’s program to anyone who is serious about pursuing a healthy lifestyle.              

Debby Filsinger, RN


Thank goodness I met Bhagavati. Under Bhagavati’s tutelage, I have learned how to control stress, how to properly posture my body, and how to work muscles and mind to alleviate pain and prevent future injury. She worked with me through every surgery, challenging and encouraging me to successful rehabilitation. She literally changed my world.                   

Tia Beinhower







Bhagavati Harris


You will dive into enhanced self-awareness techniques while learning how to perfect your healing process for optimal longevity and quality of life.





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