What Are Horse Dialogues?


Introduction to "The Horse Dialogues"

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We are all born with an absolute vulnerability. There are no protection mechanisms at the point of birth.





Eventually, developing a personality is important to protect us from harm and humiliation. That is going to win us love, and that will ultimately make us feel good. Without this personality, we would be far too fragile.


One of the first parts of our personality that we all develop is, how to please. This begins in the crib, and everybody develops it.


All steps to developing our personality thereafter are imprinted into our DNA. Those imprints are personas that are represented by an ancient wisdom called the “Enneagram”.





There are nine Enneagram Types that every single human being is a part of.


One of those types is your primary personality, or Enneagram Type. That template is the something that makes you unique. It is the something that distinguishes you from another. Or as Jerry Wagner explains: “One of nine lenses that we use to view & be in the world”.



We have many sub personalities:

Ø  Work face

Ø  Mother face

Ø  Father face

Ø  Lover face

Ø  Shy face

Ø  Playful face

Ø  Patriarchal face

Ø  Matriarchal face…


Our Enneagram type enables us to function in our day to day lives without constantly analyzing how to be. That sense of automation is also where our unwanted habits are formed.



“The Horse Dialogues” is a strategy for transformation - intentional happiness that asks you to identify and reassess your behavior patterns, to rewrite the harmful scripts that were inserted long ago, when we did not necessarily have the tools to know better.



“The Horse Dialogues” also allows us to identify and adjust all of the character defects that stand in between ourselves and our divine essence. We then enjoy the options that life supplies us with, as opposed to being controlled by the unwanted Horses (personality types).





Ø  We are all born vulnerable.

Ø  There is one primary personality – "The White Horse" - and many sub personalities – "The Shadow Horses".

Ø  There are some Shadow Horses that take us towards our higher purpose, and some that take us further away. All for the same reason, for the experience of joy.

Ø  These personalities are a normal part of survival.

Ø  Our healthy identity is formed by our primary personality – White Horse.

Ø  Our undesirable personalities are developed by our Shadow Horses.

Ø  “The Horse Dialogues” give us the power to re-direct our life’s purpose to one of our choosing, rather than one that our younger, immature selves have chosen for us.





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With this strategy for transformation, we lovingly learn to transform the personality traits that no longer serves our higher purpose.


In “The Horse Dialogues”, we identify our primary personality as “The White Horse”, and all of the sub personalities as “The Shadow Horses”. These Shadow Horses can be helpful towards our higher good, or not.


I have chosen to use Horse names as our personality types - Enneagram types as a 'one off' tool. That “one off” tool makes our healing process a little less painful. It also makes our judgment a little less easy.





Influential factors for developing primary Shadow Horses:

Ø  Life’ experience.

Ø  Parents’ Personalities.

o   For or against being like them.

Ø  Universal Archetypes.

o   Greek Mythology.

o   Hindu Mythology…





Developing very dark Horses places a stronger barrier between our divine essence, and our healthy Shadow Horses (instinctual behaviors like anger, frustration, joy…).


I’m referring to the very Dark Horses as our, 'Disowned Selves', because we tend to bury them without awareness of them.


The more often the very Dark Horses take over, the more we disown our healthy Horses, meaning we bury them so deep within ourselves that we even become repulsed by them.


The disowned selves are created when the sub personalities – Shadow Horses – feel a need for extra protection. And the more protection the Horse feels it needs, the further this dis-owned self gets buried.


The people that we judge and love the most, represent our dis-owned personalities –  All Horses. As my teacher would often say: “They are holding a mirror to you”.





Why would we judge and be repulsed by a primary part of ourselves?


Imagine, your Shadow Horses have convinced you that your loving, joyful self has been the reason why others have hurt you so badly. What’s more, you have unconsciously become repulsed at the dis-owned self so that you never accidentally allow it to surface and become hurt again. The deeper you bury it, the more repulsed you are by seeing it in another.





Separating from those ways of being and acting in the world, then determining whether or not that Horse is really needed for our higher purpose.




When we are operating from the White Horse, we are able to induct, to draw another person out of their grip of their very dark Shadow Horse, and into a more aware space of being.


It is essential to integrate our buried Horses. If we don’t, they will continue to disrupt our lives.


Shadow Horses protect our perceived vulnerabilities.


The White Horse is a sense of presence, and it always experiences itself as a process of separation from the Dark Horses. This separation is needed so that we may identify all of our Shadow Horses. Only then can we live by conscious choices, as opposed to unwanted reactions.





Enhancing Self Awareness

The very dark Shadow Horses have a strong correlation with diseased states. They actually influence our biochemical reactions.




“The Horse Dialogues” will guide you towards:

Ø  A resolution of the troubling Horse behavior.

Ø  Removal of the contributing factor to disease.

Ø  Learn to be creative with dis-ease – without playing the blame game.




Craving and addictions are tools used to subdue our very Dark Horses. We have gotten so far away from our true personas that they just don’t seem to exist anymore.



In "The Horse Dialogues", we work extensively with those challenges.


You will learn to receive input from all of your Horses while holding the tension. The reward is to view the world from a multi-dimensional platform, and a richer relationship with self and others.





The rewards of learning “The Horse Dialogues”:

Ø Discover and uncover your intentional happiness.

Ø Increase joyful living.

Ø Release unwanted cravings.

Ø Prolong your lifestyle freedom.

Ø Begin to live your true purpose.

Ø Embrace the parts of yourselves that you have unconsciously rejected for a more full and wholesome life.





This work is for active seekers of intentional happiness, self-knowledge, to improve relationships with self and others.

Ø Separating from our interlocking primary selves in any relationship can help us to create an entirely new intimacy with each other.


In general, one can say that the people who benefit most from this work are:

Ø People who feel caught, immobilized, or torn between opposites in themselves.

Ø People seeking balance, wholeness, and creative expression.

Ø People who want more choice and freedom in how they live their lives and in being who they truly are.

Ø People who will gain an enhanced sense of self awareness.






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